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PHE'NYL ((finvf], the osprey, a chemical synonym of benzole,

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stomach, lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx, pharynx, oesophagus,

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that the disease in general is contagious. The evidence so far

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professor of psychiatry. “His approach to psychiatry zeroed in

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perfused in vitro. Perfusion with forskolin 1.0 pM resulted in

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Why is it worth the effort to do an elective outside Bowman Gray?


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Dr. J. W. Hensly gave the iodide of arsenic as a substitute.

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On the national level. Dr. McCarthy is president of the

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borago, the lithospermum, &c. It is more generally called achcBnium.

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Dr. James L. Boyer, professor of medicine, recommended a

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a balance between “too little” and “too much” memory; a

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' 2. A varicl^j is a class of ■"'I'^^^'J V^f, J.S^fhc species in the

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very obstinate neuralgias, that are caused by the displacement

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invite the Association at their convenience to visit their building,

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acerbation — that is, for the most part, late in the evening or on the fol-

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Taylor, M.D., PhD., professor of diagnostic radiology. Vascular disease in this area frequently causes stroke.

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Santonitium. Santonin. A crystalline neutral principle, prepared

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Dr. Pearson conducted studies that helped validate a

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Each officer, except the Permanent Secretary, shall hold his