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patient as possible. This stage is completed as soon as the patient

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quantitative or qualitative deficiency in the thrombozyme, which occurs

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minations of the urinary nitrogen, to exclude the possibility that

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endothelium and basement membrane are invaded by many corpuscles

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found also a homogeneous and granular material diffused through the

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so far as to meet the flaccid left cord, the cartilages overlapping when

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mechanism was observed from normal rhythm to auricular fibrillation

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third has been observed by Mrs. Garrett Anderson 33 in which recov-

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The cell count in his spinal fluid was reduced to 4 per c.mm. The spinal fluid

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fresh blood driven into it at each systole of the heart. The veins

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are divided by Wegner and others into three forms :

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uniform irritant falling precisely upon the same spot in the body must

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intensity. The apex strikes, instead of in the fifth, in the sixth,

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In the examination for the detection of atheroma, the radial pulse

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The relation, however, between the results of the air and the blood

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the sternum ; very rarely a diastolic murmur. The second sound is

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an insufficient response to the appeal to the heart for greater blood

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symptoms of the disease with as little risk and discomfort to the

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While the focusing of the condition about Chicago may be due in

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tearing character behind the sternum. Insomnia is in many cases a

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are seen of various sizes and kinds occupying hills or valleys in several

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that it becomes weak again after cessation of the baths, but it is

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toms in 1911, the same year her father died with catarrh of the bowels. In

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is considered to be due to chronic aortitis, the treatment by digitalis

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of the legs. He had had a primary lesion four years before. Fol-

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with his companion in the face of a strong head-wind, but was com-

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removal of both the thyroid gland and the accessory glands is fol-

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syphilis it is only overcome with difficulty and its effects are persis-

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esting minute forms were found and specially studied. In Case 5 the

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possibilities of predisposing forms of disease. The question of such

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until an attack of influenza which was followed by extreme nervous

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Montreal ; and Thomas McCrae, M.D., Professor of Medicine in the Jef-

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excess of the quantity in the food, and of phosphorus much in excess

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tive Wassermann reaction with 0.3 c.c. On March 23 the seventh treatment

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than others had done previously. In these cases he also described

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