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resolutions adopted at this session, the Medical Society of each

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mittee on Better Arrangement of the Sections, etc., which was made

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vascular target. In 1979, for example, he developed a

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rabbit ; it succeeds better on the goat and horse. If, on the

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5. Valerolactic acid. One of the lactic series of acids, produced by

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caused by paralysis of the third nerve. It is also called bleplu^r J-ptosis

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it may not be possible to reach perfection in medical science,

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layer. In the primarily hemorrhagic form of smallpox (purpura vario-

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azotised compound is obtained from the flower of the plant, called

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nux vomica adheres with great obstinacy to the inside of the stomach.

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he must be able to discriminate between facts and fancies, to

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of active professional life, and being without the stimulus of neces-

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of tar or pitch ; ol. pini, ol. pini rubrum, ol. petrolei, ol. picis,

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commanded the confidence and esteem of the communities in which

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disease. The price of the French Patent Male Safe is $1 the single one, $4 per

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shock is to some extent relieved. Cold is introduced into the

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hobbling, discouraging—even prohibiting—animal research.

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you go out and you have an attendant who carries your bag

head; a designation of the slerno-mastoid muscles, the great anterior

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1. Varieties of Small-pox. Small-pox is called discrete, when the

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in proof of which he adduced microscopical examinations.