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preparations in use are the oxalate and nitrate of the protox-
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considers hemorrhage, or loss of blood, shock or inanition ? I want
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for as the former was man's first occupation, so the latter was
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women to the school. Without doubt, achieving this difficult
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by the diphtheroid process, and in part of an exuberant proliferation
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Corypheus of obstetricians in this country should fail in what
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VERA'TRIA. Suhadillin. A vegetable alkaloid, not quite p\ire,
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OLIVA'RIS {diva, an olive). Resembling an olive; hence the
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Photopheresis kills cancerous cells without exposing the
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of the Sanitary Committee, and published important papers on the
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Railroad. The cars were thrown from the track, and he was
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underserved urban and rural communities across the nation.
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is born of the Spirit. If we would discern the agency of
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job in saving and producing healthy babies than some
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a resinous, concrete juice, obtained from the /-c«^Ba sarcocoZZa and other
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interests of the biomedical research community. For, moving
These are the ordinary practices of empirics, and are highly repre-
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lute in all the higher animals, and there maintained by generic
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Cod liver or castor oil shaken up with an equal volume of
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''"R^mXl^ON V'S-S^l^athing back; generally, breath-
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OBSIDIA'NUM. A species of glass, discovered by one Obsidius,
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destroyed a portion of the bodies of the last dorsal and first
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eral as the chimeras through which he had passed. Sunlight
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Much might, I think, be said for emetics and cold affusion
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aged fifty-eight. The rest were of eighteen, sixteen, and
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and when the head (or the cervical column, to which they are
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known in their communities and maintain relationships with
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resident in Canton, we find a sketch of the habits and theories
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are echoed through the halls, whose foundations are of jasper,
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often carry with them much that is absolutely hurtful, both as
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Since he had learned the great secret of administering ether, viz.,
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"With the hope of your kind indulgence for my short
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as to be injured by the influx of blood, the colder the water,
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as treatment is concerned. The whisky juts out equally prom-
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with greater length, and looked in vain for what we conceived
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(pustules), the different species of ordinary pyogenic germs were easily
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*We are so much accustomed to see animals reproducing themselves, generation
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the lust course which they delivered there. He attended his second