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CaMar Bean as an Antidote to Strychnia, — Dr. Thomas B. Fraaer,
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viously. The cold or inflammation might have forwarded the injurious action of the
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patient had developed this condition in the past three months.
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get in at a barn door. It is an old and very true saying — so often exemplified as
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believe that there is some irritating influence at work which acts
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eastern districts of the metropolis the London Hospital re-
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was advised to discontinue milk per se from her diet, and in
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XXI. Case of Aneurism of the lower peart of the Common
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place to needly crystals similar to those deposited from solution.
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the stomachs of dyspeptics and rum-drinkers, where the internal coating is diseased,
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what can we attribute a continuance of the same ratio of mortality, but to the bad
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deprived of all society and of every external source of interest,
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different habits. The sedentary individual consumes much less air than the active
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female from shame or from the baneful effects of self-pollution.
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weigh approximately 140 pounds. The diet was weighed for
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from eye diseases and bronchitis, produced by the dust, and from want of proper
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