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2. The etymologv of Whitlow is fancilul : Lye derives it from
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The name oil of spikenard is, therefore, incorrect.
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as he lay on a wooden couch, by two robust women. He fol-
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have been employed in medicine under various names : thus, the leaves
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material means, as a kind of bigotry; forgetting, no doubt,
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prosperity and usefulness. In 1851 he was elected one of its vice-
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There are now sixty-one vacancies in the medical staff, fifty-three
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in the execution of some of the more difficult pieces of music,
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Adulterations. — A chemist in Quebec has recently published
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quarter of a century. Broussaissim had a still shorter career.
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RH A'T AN Y. The name of the Krameria iriandra, a Polygalaceous
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ing that the Medical Staff' of the United States Army has not been
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turned towards the back of the infant, there grew a projection
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marked as “internal medicine” are three-year assignments.
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have gone overseas. We would have loved to print short
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and first, upon its power of developing in the student the capacities
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gout, to which, for many years, he was a victim. Unity of
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ONI'SCUS ASE'LLUS. The Wood-louse, or Slater; the name of
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bly contract, although there is a slight elevation and depres-
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cate anew with the inferior hemorrhoidal vessels, so that the
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the state of the mind. The influence of the mind on all the
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the sternum and the shoulder upward and forward at the same
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the intrinsic nervous system of the colon. Alterations of the
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Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the
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learning are the challenges most clearly directed to each of us:
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problems. “I'm proud to say the office also represents a very
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weekday a cadre of HHC workers fans out into low-income
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