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draws between the treatment of the Indian Medical Service and the
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IV. Importance of Injectionit of Renal Liquid in Organic Affec-
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wives. The 14 deaths occurred in the practice of 7 out of the
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Dublin; Dr. T. VV. Trend, Southampton; Dr. R. Thome Thorne, Lon-
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were 418 members, 86 student associates, and 1 non-medical
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Secretary, Dr. A. S. Percival, 16, Ellison Place, Newcastle-on-
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Dr. J. S. Bbistowe, F.R.S., Mr. T. V. Jackson, Wolver-
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throughout, in spite of hot douches. On November 21st the
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drawings of a tumour as big as a filbert, removed by Mr.
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Library of the British Medical Association, 42vt, Strand, on April lOth, for
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suicide (1.341. The suicides included 10 by shooting, 2fi by poison, 2:t by
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