while all that constitutes individuality, as such, constantly disappears.
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§ 6. It often happens in cases of sudden illness, or of recent acci-
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first been reduced. It was sedative, not emetic. The dose should
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To the list of highly susceptible things [fomites] belong, as is read-
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of black blood. He was still holding the tire iron. Something
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fiionally there is jaundice ; deatli is generally preceded by convulsions
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to the Chinese physiology, the human constitution is com-
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associate professor of surgery and in the Cancer Center.
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on, she learned of his “intractable heart failure”, that his
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tibility to variola is very slight in these first months of life as compared
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bly refer to some over whose ashes the suns of many centuries
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thitherward, should exert so pernicious an influence as to poison
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spondence with other permanently organized medical societies,
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beginning with "Each local Society," and ending with "one dele-
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North Carolina, and of the Medical Society of Virginia after its
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This course, in addition to all the other treatment, was pursued
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been systematically and purposefully underfunded and
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Second, we invite letters to the editor for publication. We
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being left off, the sight of the patient was gradually restored.
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that damns, it is the will that saves, men. The chief art of
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judged by itself. The cases are doubtless not very numerous
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and served until the close of the war. At the end of the struggle,
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PEPTONE. The name applied to a proteid solution, as of meat
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