The first bound Yale M.D. thesis on record translates as

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double membrane, which surrounds the heart, like a bag.

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RATAFl'A. A term denoting a sweet, aromatic, spirituous liquor,

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RHYTHM (pu0^o'5, a measured motion). The name given to the

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members, shall be organized at every annual meeting, for prepar-

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De Laskie Miller, E. Andrews, H. W. Jones, Thomas Bevan,

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4 vols. 8vo. cloth. (The volumes sold separately) .3 4 0

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excerpted from his address, “ America's Disadvantaged

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motives, every physician is bound to exert himself for the

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funding for successful children's programs like Head Start

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Welcome to America’s Third World. In some South Bronx

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future. Responding to the concerns of abortion opponents, the

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