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Pi'ofess.'r Fohmann, of the existence of absorbents in the placenta and umbi-

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Placing myself in front, a little to one side of the patient, so as to offer as

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the tongue was dry, red, and cracked; the chest was generally dull on per-

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all events, appears certain, that in two most remarkable cases of different dis-

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with imperfect instruments. It was relinguished on account of the

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cendent degree. It is almost a wonder that the clinician is not

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and October, together with an increased mortality from the ordinary forms of

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were used among other substitutes for tea during the American revolution."

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(From the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York)

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it is aggravated even upon passive motion. In a few instances the

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which were nerve cells. The microorganism appears invariably

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4 'great majority" it was primary in the lung. In no case was there

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contains a fluid of either a limpish, a reddish, or a dark coffee colour, and coagu-

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sudden violent invasion; and the same thing may be said of apoplexy with ex-

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very painful subcutaneous fatty nodules were present.

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The old woman, whose case had been considered as utterly hopeless, on the

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I again visited this patient on the 1st of October. He had passed since the

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but said that if I would give him a few more doses of the Dover's powder, he

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leaving school, ate part of a cake, containing one fifth of its weight of

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purplish hue. Pain now develops. The first joint swells, the skin reddens,

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the patient against speaking, coughing, sneezing, clearing the throat and

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cer, tubercle, ulceration in tjie cartilages, ligaments, or cellular sub.vtance, all

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regarded as incapable of radical cure by any means, but the patient enjoys more

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tion easy, when free from fever, but attended with much oppression

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goitre, meaning by this that the heart's action is increased; at the same

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necessary to do any thing else than to prepare the system, by vene-

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In the next two months systematic treatment, consisting of seven intra-

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to the Presbyterian Hospital, June 18, 1912. Patient says that he has not

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instead of increasing as one might have expected, decreased in

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type of drug is voltaren

of Dr. Mason. I avoid, however, all theoretical reasoning, both regarding the

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tion, or the destruction of the parenchyma, one of the most constant is

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tortuosity. This is so regular a finding in individuals past middle

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