programs of Yale serve the New Haven community, the state,
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and contagious diseases. Hippocrates uses the term hepatts zymoses.
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RHffi'ADOS PET ALA. Red-poppy petals. The Iresh petals of
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ject of external turning. In some of the applications of the
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between the Medical Department and other Staff Corps, it is
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Mind Deranged." Dr. Hughes not being a member of the Associ-
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tion of facts without sense of history is unoriented
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Dr. J. C. Hughes, of Iowa, thought that a posterior dislocation at
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the described pathological conditions of the parts. Neverthe-
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ences produced by the intervention of men, among domesti-
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We find again, that in both, this force when generated, is
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the Amencan Hospital Association . . . Ninth Annual
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In drying and powdering opium it looses from 17 to 21 or 22
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system, are sthenic or asthenic; that is, they are attended
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the fracture was fully effected, and at this date (isTovember 10)
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First row — Vivian Robertson, Nancy Jenkins, Helen
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staff assistant; and Claire Bessinger. senior administrative assistant. The tri¬
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of the general calamity ; for afterward, as before, the patients in small-
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noted epidemic of Breslau, the hybrid fever of Blane &c - the
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Prof. Grasbomb is a liberal thinker also, and enjoys so -supreme
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that they were not derived from other species. It may be so.
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danger of revivification, with the exception of the osteoid,
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I. Consequently, we studied the release of peptides in
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yOLTA, PILE OF. An apparatus consisting of plates of zinc
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We give three of his cases as examples of the practice:
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that the skin is still surrounded with air. The effect of water
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the fully developed disease (or variola vera). Of course, in these cases
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suggesting thereby the erroneous idea of the object's having been con-
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marshy places in Europe, and cultivated for culinary purposes, being
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instance the necessary inference would be that it was a case of as-
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R. An abbreviation oi Recipe, take, placed at the beginning of ore-
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immortality, and that trust in his Saviour, which served as an
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