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Properties. — A white, amorphous powder; odorless, and
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white to pale greenish-yellow or yellowish-green ; having a slight,
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dispensable to every student of medicine or enlightened practitioner.
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astringent. It may be given to foals and calves suffering
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received the degree of M.D., the matriculants numbering 250.
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and in man is frequently followed by headache, vomiting,
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substitutes for the salts of quinine, and the decoctionsof the bark have
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sclerotic, with dark blue color. From the enlargement of the eye,
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■were of the severest type, and five of them proved fatal.
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carbolic acid may exert an antiseptic and ansesthetio action
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Dose.—R. k C, 3 ss.-i. (15.-30.); Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i. (2.-4.);
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tofore we have managed the disease quite satisfactorily, but this sea-
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stimulant, making the ventricular contractions stronger and
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hospitals. Of the permanent support of this class we must let Dr.