Frank Countryman, Yale ’42S, had not yet learned that in the
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Then, from another part of the world of science, a chemist,
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Eiver, down where I resided, in the valley of the Connecticut,
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"pellicles that envelop the sprouting feathers of young birds."
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his professional learning and zeal, we have an illustration of this
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1 Russian ov Bucharian rhubarb. Imported from St Petepburgb,
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have come under my care, since January last, in this vicinity,
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eases, and by his knowledge of their course, and of the dangers
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Report of the Section on Materia Medica and Chemistry .... 195
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The diagnosis of diphtheritis must be based principally
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Technical Chemistry. Chas. F. Chandler, Ph.D., and Wm. H. Chandler,
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Morris Wessel did his pediatrics internship at Babies’
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the lim()s commencing with pneimo, and several relating to air com-
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Teaching rounds for students began by meeting with a senior
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this respect, and accordingly I cheerfully acceded to the publishers'
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On Sunda}^, August 5th, I was asked to visit a negro girl, at
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particularly in cases where the stomach is tender. It appears to
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victim to gout, he daily took large quantities of alcohol and laud-
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the attention of individuals affected with particular diseases — pub-
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frequent direction of these fistulas, and through what parts
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subjects, and will pledge themselves to report at the next meeting,
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out any such previous inflammation. Sometimes hard circum-
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after, but it will become a power in the land to incite all the schools
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recommends that we should give from two to three grains of
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that the cash balance of such philanthrophy would be greatly
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Geneva, London and Washington via their embassies. The