to a minimum, and which have the highest sanitary influence in
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criminate between those who pursue a special branch from a
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bilities, and in her researches after truth has found that a large
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Of particular value for this article are their social-
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and not in another ; this would be absurd since all of the
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§ 9. A wealthy physician should not give advice gratis to the
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2. The extensive range of knowledge requisite to make
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YCCC basic scientist and professor of therapeutic radiology,
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the resolution offered by Prof. S. D. Gross at the last meeting, but
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PT'Nri<^AT OLAND (i)inc!(Jf, of pine). A soft gre> suostance oi mt
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SUTURE (in Botany— siw, to sew). A term applied to the
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screen. The government, in the aftermath of the army
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shaped; crescent-shaped, with the ends';o{,nded'; aSl^ ,efvS
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Hannah made a list. The kidneys, liver and lungs, she decided,
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History of Medicine. From the Earliest Ages to the Commencement of the
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TUBE OF SAFETY. A tube open at both ends, inserted into a
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PALMI'TIC GROUP. A small family of organic compounds con-
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down to the present complete and exhaustive nomenclature of
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■\vith conception, and terminating with delivery.
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a member of the Naval Medical Board for the examination of can-
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because it frequently fails; for if we lay open the rectum
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year he was the W. M. of the Masonic Lodge of Charleston,
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originate from drinking the heating beverage called yuva. Dr. Good
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Committee on Climatology, which might be abolished.
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We will not venture upon an expression of opinion in regard
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Case v. Albuminuria preceded by Anoemia and Amenorrhoea,
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Prof. H. wrote as follows: "Dr. Stone was an extraordinary
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smallpox virus on the cells of the skin and other organs directly