and seven died, and at the present day not one in two hundred

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QUADRU'MANA (quatuor, four, manus, a hand) ^

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with the alkaloids of cinchona or Peruvian bark. ,. n

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within the capsular ligaments of the joints, which it lubricates. The

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to enlighten the public on these subjects, to expose the injuries

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uninterrupted stimulation of the pneumogastric. The glottis,

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exanthem, varies exceedingly, and the special '^ genius epidemicus'' has

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hanging on the neck ; and where it is united to its fellow in the nape

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immunity cannot be promised with absolute certainty. The same

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the bag containing that part of the yolk which has not been converted

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in the great Mississippi valley — that region of our national domain

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he could be more useful there than in any other sphere of action.

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emphasize the need for and value of the use of animals in

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follicle of the nail, and sometimes afl'ecting the penosteum ana

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In Desault's time — animated by the greatest devotion to the

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administration, it is now contended that the numbers might

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cursed rather than part company with his lovely consort. I

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in our view, is that their thorax, in consequence of its osseous

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especially in large and old cases, is in not securing a hold upon

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when the bowels are being moved, and in them the sensation

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Communist soldiers march triumphantly into her village to

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hours which should have been spent studying — ■ but once

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has published an interesting statement in regard to a large

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RFTTtlS (straiohn The name of several muscles; viz.—

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Poisoning by Cyanide of Potassium. — A man engaged in

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sides of the chest, separated from each other by the heart and the

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flm. Any change which affects the transparency of the cornea, from

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the caroling of birds — the delights of health — the conven-

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addition, there was to be found in it, a programme of the general

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tity of hair; trichosis decolor, alteration of the colour of the hair;

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the hemorrhagic forms of variola (purpura variolosa and variola pustu-

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and was a frequent attendant upon its meetings in after years.

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have taken strong grounds in the negative, and several not

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rhythmic tremors and muscular rigidity. Fetal cells are better

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disappear. But if there is any material loss of substance, we,

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^^"^Temporal fossa. The temporal portion of the lateral region of

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diaphragm taking place at the same time as that of the external intercos-

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School, the day before the American Medical Association, at

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inermis, or Cabbage-bark-tree, a Leguminous plant of the West

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end, all share the fate of the theory of spontaneous genera-

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term is sometimes applied to a modern confection, as Philonium

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ence of starch in the animal economy, is described by Dr.

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is distinguished from chromic acid by yielding a blue solution, when

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and the specific characteristics alone have been preserved,

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specific indication of mental illness, but she wants to gather

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of the polo barn. Then we were called to attention to march

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were rather constipated, I ordered calomel grs. iv., to be assisted

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