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either course at his discretion, but as we have pointed out so often

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quickly reach the systemic vessels in an undecomposed state,

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and dilute hydrochloric acid ; also when the tongue remained

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tion of sugar in the urine must take place after the ingestion of mod-

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glands of the body, in common witli tlie spleen, tliyroid and thymus

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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable

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of this part of the stomach is in a state of what is called tone, by

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many cases the intelligence is preserved to the last, the patient show-

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ment thus obtained from healthy hands was U'^ fluid ounces, that of the

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and the pharynx, and may even extend beyond this into the esophagus.

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2s. 6d. a number of medical men carry on this practice ? — I do.

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ive typhoid fever, because paratyphoid fever can nm its course in

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affords an explanation of the penetration into the brain substance of

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bacillus, which is a short, somewhat thick and curved organism closely

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the managers on the subject. He would give prompt attention to any

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end, in that the cells of the mother refuse a material which is pre-

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of the other derangements, but much before them. If careful inqxiiry

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debility. With my first attack an imlooked-for sequel came on five

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stay down in conditions of nausea when nothing else wiU. Eggs are

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death, owing to the curious fact that in diabetes other tissues waste

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edly do occur, for every practitioner is apt to find one kidney at a

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quantity of alcohol sufficient to dissolve 1 in 10,000 of amyl

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while malignant growths directiy attack and invade them.

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system on to the coroners so that the registrar would refer

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all drafts of cold air, evidenced every now and then by an apparent

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elected by a Branch Council unless his name has been in-

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spread over India, the British Government has to a great

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admitted for pure mitral obstructions. In the majority of cases the

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the nervous system. In the spinal cord we find a succession of ner-

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of blue or green or yellow glass, everything seen through it will appear

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palms of the hands and soles of the feet usually escape also. The

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sufficient, while in most places in the United States the dose has to

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and whooping-cough it is very important that the child should not

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narily dry and harsh, unless the patient is phthisical. One of the most

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are so common that it is doubtful whether, in the conditions of our

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the signification of gestures. A small number acquire a more extensive

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near death from an overdose of opium, but if he recovers, in twenty-