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§ 1. The members of the medical profession, upon whom is

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to the cordial good-will and co-operation of his medical brethren,

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He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, March 12,

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that of the homeopath or the kinesipath. In some capital

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ris, Ala., Chairman asked to resign ; Committee discharged.

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Report on Quarantine on the Southern and Gulf Coasts of the United States.

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Annual Meeting, held in May, 1869, occurs the following clause:

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infantum alone, an unprecedented number. Marasmus caused 497 ;

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Velpeau's Operative Surgery, Hand-book of Military Surgery (in

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Gilman Blake Award by the graduating medical school class as the

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the fact that the contagium existing in the pock-contents is volatile

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O'STIUM (OS, the mouth). The door of a chamber, the mouth of

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of intellectual stimulation. At 5 a.m., we lined up in front of

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BERGER, of U. S. Navy ; E. H. Hazen, of Iowa ; Levi G. Hill, of

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unit. “It’s amazing how people cope. None of us can put

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Every age has had its medical absurdities and inconsistencies ;

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sanitary to health-establishments or boards of liealth.

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surplus store cots we called couches when the door burst open