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rotation, required and elective, that students need to meet.

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promises an early recovery, while in this case the disease is

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function as an organ of respiration (conductor of air to the

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I wish to express my appreciation to Provost Turner and to

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paper should be referred to the Committee of Publication with

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No papers being presented, the Section was invited to form into

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striking effects of this simple operation for the cure of coccyo-

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were among the first witnesses to the emergence of our

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Howard S. Banows, Guest Editor, "Simulation in Medical Education"

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served as national chairman of the Yale Medical School

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livid, and if speedy exit is not given to the pus, gangrene rap-

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repudiate the unmerited imputation of scepticism that has been

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numerous relations which it bears to the constitution of man

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paragraphs relating to the origin of species, which has lately