♦Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Jan. 17, 1878,

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I have observed the sanies or blood of a shrimp, by cutting

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1979 per capita assessment to the 1978-79 Fiscal Year on the

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abdomen extending down into the left iliac fossa. Positive

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sician under the circumstances presented, the Court wrote:

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from which such conchisions were made^ with respect to

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for that the confinement of the air in that cavity occasions the

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minor reaction. The earlier gold therapy is initiated in the

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pital, and Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children ;

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Inherited Disease, ed 3. New York. McGraw-Hill, 1972, pp. 891.

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ifestations involving multiple organs including the kidneys,

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The laryngeal tumefaction at first sight appeared to be a

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ence, the additions of the reporting session of AMA Dele-

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development and nutrition as shown by the average weight 6*5 lbs. at

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the reviewers’ comments. The publication lag for original

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elicited. The right lung was normal. The urine contained a

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been made known to anatomists, and not being easily traced by

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described motions in the fibrils during the coagulation of fresh

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XXI, XXIII, and xxix) in inflammatory disorders, where the whitish

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remained the same for about three weeks until, on March 4, I

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Inquiries,' published but a short time before his death in 1774,

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6, a male, stillborn, full period ; 7, a male, living, and with

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and Ira L. Rubin, M.D., New York. Dr. Arbeit was Associate

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later years. Therefore, if the patient presents with a second

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