must profoundly affect the vitality and activity of the contained leucocytes.

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must be quite ineffectual, and that preventive measures must be directed

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(as has been shown quite recently by Gabritchewski) in diphtheria. As

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the publication of a short tract on the formation of tumors, and the

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Warm towels and wrapping in a blanket are desirable after hot baths,

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from the fifth to eightli day ; " Hirsch says, " commonly within the first

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when injected into the human subject, to confer on man an immunity

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naceous food. Starches, especially when cooked with milk, are ill-suited

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taught that life is due to stimulation ; that to live is nothing else

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rheumatic and catarrhal complaints are common. Climates with a moder-

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ever the temperature is high enough in other countries the same results

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height of a paroxysm, when lividity and feebleness of pulse proclaim the

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The voyages most suitable to the invalid are practically four : —

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experimental investigations have shown that in microbic diseases the

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Of more definite disease of the nervous system I have myself seen

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at the same time equally distinct throughout. The reason of this is

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where there had been complete atrophy, the new muscle consisting

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Ziegler's Beitriige zur path. Anat. 1888, vol. iv. p. 127. — 52. Wilks, Dr. Guy's Hosp.

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January showing a mean of 27-2°, and August 72-8°. Rainfall 14-17

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about the end of the second week from asthenia ; delirium generally

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of sodium to produce an alteration in their effects. The majority of

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Relapsing Fever in 18l>9. In 1870, Liecert, Breslau ; Frantzel, C. Muirhead,

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Principles and Practice of Surgery.— d,. Eiselsberg. V. Langenbeck's J.rc/i<w, vol.

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to convey and to keep on conveying diphtheria to the retail customers ;

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gr., to be repeated every three hours till catharsis, followed by enemt

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their intellectual and moral education, will deserve well of her country,