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name. That book started the crusade which has done so
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May 13th. — New crop of spots on abdomen numerous. Bowels still loose and
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symptomatic indications apart from those presented by the eruption. It
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The stools present a characteristic yellow appearance, suggesting by
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ods in handling the general food-supply, to filth, to lack of
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physician familiarize himself with them, and exercise great caution in
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From a combination of causes, but, after all, on account of
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Healthy Diet?— The Divisions of Fruits— Special Fruit Cures —
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fever, marked constitutional disturbance, rapid small pulse, abdominal
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pler substances, and so removed to the storage-places. In
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tuberculous lesions, ascites, tumors, and the symptoms of the pronounced
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{d) An abortive form is occasionally observed. It is characterized by
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stroying the red blood-corpuscles, setting free the haemoglo-
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only in cases in which strict bathing is begun very early in the disease.
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wafers were not analyzed. They taste like hardtack.
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the United States to-day every pupil is given an opportunity
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procedures. There are a simultaneous contraction of all the cutaneous
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(one, two, or more of this period), such as .anorexia, gerieral malaise,
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tei'minal brnucb idles, where oni' finds complete destruction of the
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the spirilla can be readily detected, and usually the attention of the ex-
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aceto-acetic acid. Von Noorden does not think the latter the
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over all other procedures has been observed by the writer. Its applica-
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all cases I cover the chest of the patient, and the affected side in par-
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orrhage, with the physical signs of a small cavity in left apex and infiltration of
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superintendent — a medical man with wide cxiierience.
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last rites of her church, and trusted herself to her surgeon
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experience. The early colonists found here many wild fruits,
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most abundantly found in the cells of the epidermis, as far as the
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same individual twice. Both cases were young men. In both
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tended to the involved areas as quickly as disappearance of tender-
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clots may form, but usually the patient is already moribund. Abscess
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necrotic stage the abscess contains a yellowish or greenish-yellow, spongy
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increase of pressure to thirty pounds brought out a red line, marking
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men have grown to be giants, and the great Pasteur has
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before and after the heating process. The blood cells were found to
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dren, on which subject he wrote a very elaborate work and
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covers the open space between the neck and the edge of the opening.
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cessories are a hose with metal yoke for a siphon, a sponge, and a bath
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internal use of cold and of warm water has a definite influence upon the
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this has its antitoxin either in nature or artificially produced.
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the palm and the olive grow side by side in the open air, on
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Sex has little influence, though the disease is believed by some to be
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with a heightened vulnerability, due to an increased tendency to ca-
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p. 454 vol. i., Hare's "System of Practical Therapeutics."
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with water of from 50° to 60° should be administered before he is