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the examination ; joints rigid ; skin sallow ; face much changed in

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exhibited to the uu'dical class with a learned and iiains-

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tense lividity of cyanosis to obstruction in the trunk of the pulmo-

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confirmed this work in the following year, and the constant employ-

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bolic acid was generally, but not always, the active

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both these patients besides the ordinary milk and non-nitrogenous

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of salvarsan or neosalvarsan can be safely injected into the subdural

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nothing of this kind was revealed by dissection. We leave to the

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which she opened ; it discharged a few drops of greenish matter^

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a tiny, almost pulseless jet about 1 cm. high; whereas, from the

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vians, thence, as will be seen, through the internal mammaries and

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four rabbits and two guinea pigs were successfully operated on.

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night sweats and dyspnea appeared; could not walk because of emaciation.

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Features of the Russo-Japanese War," states that many extensive

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treatment, was not found to be of a very intractable character.

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for vaccination, that this process would lead to the extirpation of

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spired freely^ as he usually does ; felt sore after his exertions, par-

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the heart at short intervals from the 1st to the 10th minute and

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ably alter its refractive index. It has been found, for instance, that after 48

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of the diploe appears to have commenced first, and the externa]

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of Clark. Diseased arteries and slight sanguineous exudations have also

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Sooa after this date* the entire faculty resigned their professor-

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deformed pelvis, in which a child at full term was extracted by

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tention. It must be very evident that to test fully the necessity or pro-

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exists ; the tongue and mouth are covered with sordes ; and the passages

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area of the cicatrix of Patient 354 in Experiment 25, which was 37sq.

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and aphasia. There may be temporary improvement in the hemiplegia,

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mppeara entireiy and sj^ntaoeously. The subjects of this amctiol)

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Figs. 1 to 8, and free in Figs. 118 to 124.) The specimen containing

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times complete imbecility follows an apoplexy. In the very aged there is

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mater), or its contents may undergo caseous and calcareous changes.' In

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In some experiments upon one of us, Newburgh and Means found

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seven and a half grains of quinine. It is recommended to give half an

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But it may be asked, " What has all this experimental

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diversity in their colour, form, and dimensions. ' In scarlatina there

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are both normal as far as they go. Case 4, with only a partial pneu-

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sibly have instructed us how to avert the necessarily fatal result. —

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tinogen is heat-resistant. Injection of living unheated bacilli produces both a-

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the cultures. The ease and speed with which the cultures grow on

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in neurasthenia is always good. It may con-

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The College then adjourned to Tuesday, the 25th instant

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sinapUms to the extretnitiegt and active purgative enemata. The

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bromides and nitrite of amyl have proved the most useful. The applica-