Two Distinguished Physicians, Father and Son. Edward

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entrance into an institution founded with more express reference to the

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bladder: the other two are made in the denuded field

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Lecturer on Midwifery, <fec., in the Richmond Hospital School of Medicine, &c. &c.

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erty to wander about at will. They sit along the way-

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Frederick C. Jackson, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently

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Dr. Turner has been used more freely than any other, and may in some

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126 Clinical Report of a Fatal Case of Hemorrhagic Smallpox.

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having recourse to it when no instrument is necessary."^ It will readily be

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"At three o'clock in the afternoon, M. Cerise saw him, and as he presented

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with the sentiments delivered by us on a like occasion, and about the same

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George A. McHenry. captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently

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tive examinations. I also wish to thank Drs. Teschan

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nual meeting of this Society will be held at the medical depart-

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fection, while the microbes which form the toxins are generally

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until time shall bestow the gray hairs and wrinkles, which will be their

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sell Thomas has been appointed the leciurer on the subject.

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and only three or four days are sometimes necessary for the healing of the

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ligatures were employed. During the following five or six

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localized on or around a mucous tract. - The microbic in-

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of the htart are really due to mitral regurgitation. When

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by Adier, noticed in The Journal of February 23, p. 533. He

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of the cross-cutting forceps, without difficulty ; the saw could not be well

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condition became normal, the pain disappeared, and he was able

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gastrointestinal catarrh and edema and hyperemia of

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mixture containing sixteen grains of the hydriodate in two ounces of cam-

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application of the calomel I was struck with the evident improvement in

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tion. He has the greatest respect for the experience to be

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means of preserving the bodies entire ; but we rejoice to say, that the arsenic

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which afforded only temporary relief. Discharged as incurable, April 1st,

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do not communicate with the lumen of the ducts, and

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physiology, preceded by copious introductory observations on organised

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tices as is the new law in Indiana. He has not observed that

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purposes of exclusion. The results as regards plague were negative

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poultices, opening the tumour, and facilitating the discharge of the worms,

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exist between the frequency of breathing and of the ventricular systole, is

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causes, viz., the spirits, overeating, and the autointoxi-

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