tedious affections of the eyes of new-born children, such as
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County Medical Society; of the New York Obstetric Society; of the
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ducive to the welfare of humanity, let us not be so dazzled by
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drank eagerly of milk with the white of an egg beaten up in it.
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armed when dealing with generalized meningo-encephalitis
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others shall care to avail themselves of its proffered advantages.
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They consist of .perforations, generally clean, on the body of
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suffering resultant on such ignorance. The practitioner of "pre-
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pany. All of which goes to prove, that society, in dealing with
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cure, which may or may not be beneficial. The faith, so called,
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nosis, and treatment according to the law of similars. Then
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"Division of the Auditory Nerve for Persistent Tinnitus; Operation; Recovery;
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generous offer was gladly accepted, for the misfortunes
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Medical Advice by Telephone. — Husband. My wife has a severe pain in
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ribs. Very often, also, thoracic disturbance is regarded as rheumatic when it
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morning I had occasion to take the train for Erfurt. Imagine my
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adapted to the case! Have we so perfected 'our materia medica,
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in October, 1863. He was a man of high standing in his
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nify, as, contrary to all of his former experience, he had stopped
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use of local applications under proper circumstances is advised,
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impairment of motion), and in the fact that they are often, although not al-
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But the mantle is by this time worn so threadbare, and so eaten
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in the blood lack confirmation. We cannot at all find that the general course
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misapplication may cause it to be excluded by the disappointed,
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matism is not complete. It is seldom that the two processes are seen in com-
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cases where the symptoms do not at first raise a suspicion even
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undertakes; and has the undivided good-will and respect
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The grave disturbances caused by shell fragments may
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class, having done enough more than the required amount
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Professorship of Surgery upon the resignation of Dr. James
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along a vertical or oblique plane, a line from the vault to the
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Dr. Laplace was elected to the Chair of Surgery and Clini-
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occurrence in the blood would, accordingly, at. least in part, be analogous to
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Such successes would be more frequent if the plans thus laid
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]*IMAIJ- Mll'»<.l nvrr II. I'll' !•«>, tr..,s]i,.-> >l.|iiaii',
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especially its salts, and warn them not to employ this active agent as they have heretofore been
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of house surgeon had just been created in the Massachusetts General
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they have to divide. We will not stop to consider them.
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with the exception of two. These lingering morbid conditions