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We must not conclude this our brief and imperfect notice of
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The disease was contracted by the prostitution carried on among the soldiery,
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to them in the blood, there being a high threshold in the secretion
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Did space allow, we might give the reader particular accounts of the various
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on the nasal side and a blurred disk margin (beginning papillary
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1868.] Notes on the Cholera Epidemic in 1865-66. 181
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unto false gods? * * * That philosophy which teaches that wealth is a curse i
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the effects which may be produced." Our own observation
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salt output is attended with a generalized renal deficiency, dis-
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sometimes failed; but he has been struck with certain effects
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report^ who assigns the births to the marriages in England in the
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life is lost as the consequence. On the other hand, let a physician of moderate ca-
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which indicated that the bone-marrow was being stimulated.
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9. On the Uae of the Ophthahnosoope at the Leedi Infirmary. By Dr.
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rience. He admits that the alcoholic treatment has been frequently
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wives know nothing of sickness; and contrawise, wives are often feeble while the
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several physical examinations, including urinary analyses, a
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at the Edinburgh Infirmary, 21.5 per cent, had aortic insuffi-
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epidemics, although the general health previously was certainly un-
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inoculation either natural or artificial, is no new doctrine : it
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weight and height at different periods of life, the following table from a long series