of small-pox in the borough : and the statements whicli it

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case in which there had been several acute attacks which

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Prisiin ncpartmenl.—The Director of this branch, Dr. Crookshank I'asha,

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of mercury, and camphor. The remaining chapters are

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these formute were in a foreign language, apparently a

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advance, '2s. tJd. extra being cliarged for every additional

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was debarred as an unattached member from attending his patient while

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placed in the position they hold with the object of mitigat-

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resulted through the eating of brawn. R. W., aged 51, was

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twelve or eighteen hours afterwards, the hsemoglobin will be

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which he emphasised the fact that where symptoms of tor-

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trict Surgeon, Malabar, but to continue to act as District Surgeon 4E(i

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■Durham >, are promoted to be Surgeon-Major and Surgeon-Captain

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everything else severely alone. The life of a doctor was to

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(B) jio( iiicludiitij Patholngy.-W. T. Ainsworth, H. A. Bi'ideker, T. S.

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Then you would like a public official to refer to and to

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May 6th. The annual rate of mortality in these towns, which had been

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consumption— malassimilation. It is necessary to sup-

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the best textbooks of medicine; and we fully agree with the

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Setting aside the question of the vested interests of present

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Bateman. M.B., London; Dr. J. M. Booth, Aberdeen; Mr. H R H.

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The spring meeting of this Branch was held at Keswick on

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presentative teacher of a past school, whilst Lb Dentu is well

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being formally elected: Henry Albert Caley, M.D.Lond. ;

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Surgeon-Captain J. S. Edve. also serving in the Bengal Command, is

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weather, they have been totally unprepared for such extreme

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Barnes. Carlisle, will read a paper on two cases of Epilepsy Treated by

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is a most important regulation. Under the new law, in work-

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