dorso-spinal nerves. This hyperesthesia is often so intense
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larly the rapid onset of the anaemia at the time of adolescence in young girls,
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New York. They were the parents of six sons and daughters.
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suggested this subject. There certainly is nothing more inter-
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He was Vi.siting Surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital
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ingly does fail. How far this is attributable to poor quality
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is a member and former vice-president of the American Gynecological
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tracks are in general larger than in the liver, and more
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William Stavely, a resident in the north of Ireland, and for several
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am aware, docs there stand a statue of a physician. There
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part in the process of digestion. It has often been of service
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Auburn Asylum which was in a condition of demoralization, dilapida-
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the patient swallowing the intrabuccal fluids, and finally to
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When asked what one thing had pleased her most during
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he became interested in the stone-quarrying business and became one
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pari of the State for nearly two hundred yeare. Since by
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tines, which lesions probably facilitate the " rheumatic " infection. Bronchitis
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projectile whose location has been duly discovered ; finally,
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Cruelty to Children, and an authority on sociological influences af-
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the eyes were brighter, the heat of the body was diminished
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ing the entire winter, and there has been an increased fatality
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the most serious character, followed with good and happy
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Whereas God in his wisdom has removed from our midst Dr. Felix R. Mc-
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the uterine cavity ; or if spasm of the uterus or internal ' os '
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interne at Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, then went abroad,
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natural enough; but sometimes the carcinoma is complicated by an extraor-
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desire to study the science. He was also intensely fond
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