supposed that the finding will relieve and does re-
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with care to preserve the outlines as nearly as possible.
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numbered 1.402, corresponding to an annual death rate of
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October 4th, -f but less so than on previous examination.
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2. Tlie Specific Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis,
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Federation internationale de laiterie, 23 rue David
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Hospital, Port Townsend, Wash., November 21, 1910, for
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emotions, while lessening the power of self control ;
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absence, October 30, 1910, under paragraph 210, Serv-
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Deformed Children was founded on October 2, 1895. by
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Colon. In the hepatic flexure was a flat, firm, circulai
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The Practitioner's Case Book. For Recording and Pre-
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^The symptcms above given are those stated on the trial; the fol-
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cases, he does not think that it is a desirable agent
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ending August 13th, 14 cases, 10 deaths ; week ending Au-
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tains a very complete bibliography which affords the
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-diet, baths, massages, and electricity. Address physician in charge.
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ary tuberculosis with an enterocolitis and the tumoT
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tion, increased action of the skin, greater difference
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lung der Syphilis mit dem Praparate von Ehrlich-Hata
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and oxygen was administered. He was prepared for a lum-
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list and steps taken to prevent their prevalance as
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nail, treated by the n.sual excision of the ofFendino:
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procedure, and attention was called, while considerable trac-
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the nerve cells in these diseases and perhaps capable
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to realize its favorable action within a short time.
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tion 40; pulse 150. Blood contained no plasmodia. Baby
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as representatives of a fixed place, for they merge
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gent than the potassium one, while as it is divalent
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'J'hese appeared in groups of three and four, round,
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round epithelial cells, very few hyaline casts. Spinal fluid
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are those concerned with the detection of malinger-
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oughfares of our great cities — and there are very
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method, presupposes special skill and trainins:, and