quinsy, or inflammatory sore throat. The term amygdalitis \s une.\-

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Furthermore, it is our responsibility to help those who have

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also be obtained from another mineral, called tcol/ram, in which it is

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Scientists identified the causes of most bacterial and viral

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of outstanding teaching as an accomplishment for which

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monly called heavy oil oficine, or simply oil of wine.

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always attaches to their delivery. Last year, it was proposed to

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taught that smallpox, like love, naturally attacks nearly all men, but

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stances even earlier, a dark scarlot-rctl flush begins to appear on the

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PEPO. A gourd ; a three-celled, fleshy, indehiscent fruit, witli

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report at the next annual meeting upon the progress of Otology.

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was added l)y them, from the resemblance of the afl^ection to cmpliysema.

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''I operated upon Mrs. M., aged over fifty years, in October, 1870.

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SY'MPHYSIS {aifi(f>vaii, a growing together). The growing

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clinicians have characterized as narcissistic wounds, leading

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tus on the right side, both internally and externally, I believe, as

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the sick until he was seized with the cholera. While convalescing,

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cular .lisease, While the latter characterize two or mo c^^^^

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The nervous influence we study rather for what it is not,

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feeling of difference or self-consciousness. I've always been

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will extirpate it if it is in a safe situation. It is the only salva-

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adiieswe, and the suppurative (pya-mial vaueties aie the

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fourth twenty-four-hours' period the first traces of the exanthem appear on

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symptoms of the terminal or antemortem hyperpyrexia, already men-

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will argue that his course is a legitimate one, and the pres*

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confined 1 clusively to the alveolar tissue, while the base of

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4 Spiritus sacchari. Rum; an ardent spirit, obtained by distillation

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which the hand of a physician is called to perform often without a

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SECRETARY'S (The) Assistant. New edition. ISrao. cl. 0 JO

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Dr. Michael Kashgarian, professor of pathology, is editor of Yale Medicine.

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Mental Institutions in America: Social Policy to 1875

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Broom, an indigenous Leguminous plant. It contains a neutral prin-

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if only 1 had known what I was seeing. One night in the

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transposition of the great vessels. In the spring, Y-NHH

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I entered the School of Medicine in 1918. We had a very

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to advance his interests so long as he could without comprom-