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head of the pancreas; (7) obstruction of the common bile-duct from scar
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quence of inflammation) had taken place between the duct and
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and as to its clinical significance. Some investigators are inclined
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In previous work the author showed that after intravenous injections
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test for active tuberculosis described by Wildbolz of Berne in 1919. The
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nearly full diet, he was taken with pain, which began two or three hours
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elaborate than those here recorded, and probably, therefore, they will not
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frequency of the positive reactions increased with the severity of the disease,
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indicate a probability of death in an anginal paroxysm for more
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plicated by torticollis due to myositis of the trapezius, which ended in
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correct ; either the very penetrating rays now used have a less favourable
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during April, which, taken in conjunction with the foregoing, shows a
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during injection. When a marked effusion has occurred, the
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grown estivo-autumnal parasites mixed with some red cells on a
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purulent, will result in collapse of the lung ; dilatation of the bronchi
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The importance of this warninir has recently come home to mc, as
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while others consider it only in reference to hepatic insufficiency.
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stomach (Fig. 2). She herself died of Bright's disease at seventy-
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8tudii-«," AiiHT. Jour. Med. Sci., IWl.'l, cxiv, (i25.
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and exophthalmos. She rapidly became worse, and at present
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to maintain the blood in order ; these precautions have been found to be
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Radium gives a curve falling rapidly at first, then rising more slowly,
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these nerves. Division of both pudic nerves, however, abolishes this
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tion caused severe smarting and gangrenous infiltration. PVom Sep-