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Report of the Commissioner of Education for the Year 1900-
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versity. He received the degree of M.D. from Harvard in 1850,
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tion to the present appropriation of aljout $50,000
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ments ; it is, therefore, insensible and inexcitable"
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study of the question, is that, while it is clear that
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11. Ruge: Einfiihrungind. Studiumd. Malariakrankheiten. Jena,
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by the impossil)ility of visual labor with pen aiul
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absence for seven days from Nov. 2, 1903, under paragraph
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be the result of a moral deterioration, or there may
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W. H. Be ll, passed assistant surgeon. Detached from the
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lishing himself in lodgings at No. 21 Boulevard Saint
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nervous system exists, provisionally to be regarded
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he was shown at a meeting of the Boston City Hospital
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of the surra parasite in the fly as an intermediate
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INTESTINAL FEVER IN THE PIG, [British MedicalJoumal.
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Deaths reported, 2,}?60; under live years of af^e, ilfio; prin-
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P.E.S. ; C. F. J. Lord, Esq. ; Treasurer, E. Lankes-
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fession which he loved the saving health of science —
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31 Deutsche Vierteljahr. f. offent. Gesundheitspfl., Bd. xxxii, S.
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Chamber of Commerce. The General Hospital is located
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