tunate that these outward manifestations of disease are the first presented*

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been in the past, and I also think that we are going to treat fracture cases

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on clinical and not bacteriological grounds. But how far can it be

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Dr. Otto Korner, of Frankfurt-on-the-Main, gives an account of this

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Fehling {Centralblatt fiir Oynahologie, October 26, 1889) does not approve

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below in the following manner : A vertical section was made in the perineum,

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consulting- room." Doubtless our tables would be still more offensive to

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Clinical Lectures on Some Obscure Diseases of the Abdomen. De-

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methods of the whole world have been revolutionized, we still cling

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Case XIII. — Male, aged forty-eight years. Admitted in 1862 suf-

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Mr. Sully of St. Thomas' Hospital in the middle of the last cen-

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lems from all available sources. I propose to consider a seri^ of cases

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worthy of the most careful consideration. A few of the interesting statistics

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such thoughtless yielding to sentiment. The sentiment is noble

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the so-called cholesteatomata, or pearly tumors— subdivided into (a) thick-

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which closed completely. First she was very pale. Then the whole surface

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" Quenu *^ found in the microscopic study of the skin and

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was the Davenport-Donahue Bill in behalf of which the plea was

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after version and decapitation, with the head still in utero. 3. They

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I think the action of this Committee has been misunderstood.

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quently seen in young women under thirty.'^ This is all that is

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what Fanzango,^ who had a case similar to mine, says :

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the table before him: ^* Blessed art thou, poor creature; thou

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the term stercoremia, or copremia, instead of the term uremia.

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times when we are able to produce loud gurgling sounds which

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These speedily convinced him that acid urines in passing through auric acid

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presence of an abscess connected with the caries which can be otherwise

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the use of morphine more than the actual effects of the whiskey

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sidered. Thomas Jones,^ in his work on diseases of the bones, does not