expulsion of air. Birds, as we have already observed, have

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SOLIDS. Bodies, the cohesion of whose particles is so strong, that

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upon different modes of execution of these plans, and there-

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or that there is in all inflammatory affections a peculiar toxic

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SPASMO'LOGY {arrucriuos, a spasm, \6yo^, a description). A

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acid than is suiEcient for saturation. The 6o«Zedsorfa-M-ater of the shops

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George P. Fort, in New Egypt, Ocean County, 22d April, 1872, in

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globe of the°e^i\et7en'£;^^^^ a falling). P.-otrnsion of the

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be extreme, it is well for you to know that insuperable obsta-

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You have been a member of the executive committee of our

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celebration of this special occasion is 44 scientific poster

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CRO (7r,«,,oj bitter). A Greek adjective denoting biiierriess ■

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later period; and Alabama, North Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas,

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climatic limits. Like all truly contagious diseases, of which variola

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of the name of Reardon was supposed to have been frozen.

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as a translator of English into Latin theses; in other words,

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The usual course of a varioloid fever is satisfactorily illustrated in

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and, if necessary, even to clench your fists. We need you to

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that organ which are so feeble as to have no corresponding pulse at the

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ation would be irksome now, and I must needs pass on.

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permanent. The director of NIH (the National Institutes of

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Moreover, I have some recollections that I believe can be very well

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UNHULA'TORY theory of light (undtda, a little wave).

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him helplessly ; Life had a total advantage over him in the

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syrup of bucktliorn, from its extensive use as a medicine for children.

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Simply put, the technique involves labeling target genes or


Dr. H. Lenhartz, of Hamburg, describes Erysipelas with much


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In all these various positions Dr. Staats was active, faithful, and

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SCHERO'IVIA (5>ino's, dry). A dry inflammation of the eve, occa-

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border of the coccygeal bones along its anterior aspect; so


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closest together still retain, during this earlier period of the disease, their

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