obtained the gold medal and Murray Scholarship in taking

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forms of sore throat, clinically indistinguishable from the rest,

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26th. After three cooler days, the 30th was again a very warm

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Junior House Surgeon ; unmarried. Honorarium, £40 per annum,

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is about to be offered to the Senate of Cambridge University.

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Rector of St. Paul's Church, East Orange. N J., brother of the bride-

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Trinity College were regarded in Germany, and of the higli

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•corpus was applied for and refused ; bail was then ten-

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• extiacably blended in, the little mass of living jelly.

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Dockyard at the sales of " unserviceable stores," such sales being adver-

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" Chloro-Linseed Cough Lozenges " made by the same firm ;

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hood should be : (1) the recognition of the child's spontaneous

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the paper, and the meeting terminated with a vote of thanks-

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of the effects of an intraperitoneal inoculation with comma

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chances of repeated importation comparatively small, and

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Clegg. Richard. L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., appointed Medical Officer

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financial position of the Society.to be .satisfactory, the amount

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top of the head a year before death. He was stunned for

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text, and plates should be studied in earnest, for the book

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capillaries and superficial veins than on the deeper veins and

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George Humphry, Sir William Eoberts, Sir Thomas Crawford,

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became a labour of love." He was incisive and impressive as

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or along with albuminuric retinitis. The prognosis was more

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pointed still further to the amount of social incapacity result-

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