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SA'CCHARUM ALBUM [a6.Kxapov). Refined sugar; a sweet
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you a disciple of Cullen? you adopt his hypothesis that the
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6. Meta- phosphoric acid. A provisional name for a modification of
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Medica which treats of the natural and chemical history of unprepared
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as to the propriety of such operations. Each case must be
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VAP(3RA'RIUM (vajjor, vapour). A vapour-bath. A steam-pipe
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PTH-LP(l-36) maximally stimulated renal slice la-OHlase
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Tomography—because SPECT uses radioactive iodine that
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be explained by the relation of nerves ; but the important fact
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Dr. W. Brodie, of Michigan: I think the time which this appa-
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these so-called metaphase cells, the chromosomes separate
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disappointment, he died, in utter poverty and obscurity, in 1788,
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have invented bunion plasters and bunion apparatus, not only to
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agrees. "Over the years, the School of Medicine and the Hill
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leged question, and shall put the question on the amendment first.
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has been put to work for patients at Yale-New Haven
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many objections to that of Philadelphia as to render its adoption