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ensue. These organisms enter the body, not its tissues, and they thrive in the

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or sign of sore throat, or of discharge from the nose or ears.

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cysts of the amebae may be detected with the low-power objective,

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analyzed them. He found a tin salt, which is used as a mordant in fixing the dye.

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acid, these pellets cause a precipitate of any oleoresinous matter present in the urine.

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unstained and stained with Loeffler's methylene blue or

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can only be done by fibrous tissue, i.e. by heterologous tissue. It is the nature

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and a sense of suffocation, attacks of tightness around the chest

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(3) Remove 0.5 ml of the mixture from the first tube and

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on agar-agar or in other media frequently become coccoid ; other organisms swell

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