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ot a muscle which turns the palm of the hand upwards.

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by societal reactions to terrorism, one can make a case that

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ject of external turning. In some of the applications of the

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tologia." Amstelodam, 1699. — Werlliof : " Disquisit. de variolis et anthrace."

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neither rubbed nor washed, the deposition going on, these

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the feet, occasioned by the balance of the action of muscles being

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about to deliver premature babies. The process appears to

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of each one ounce ; three ounces of gum myrrh, and two

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8,600 baskets of about 140 pounds each, the average being

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genetics is putting tomorrow's medicine to work today. Yale

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he knew he wanted to be a doctor, he was also attracted to

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community’s great need for a facility such as the Adler Center,

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have the receipts exceeded the necessary expenditures to the

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his earthly possessions, including a fine tooth comb, a second-

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tion when the mother has the disease, and the extreme rarity of the

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Hannah made a list. The kidneys, liver and lungs, she decided,

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must be tested in other models before they can be introduced

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bPA LACTITE; STA'LAGiMITE {a-raXalu,, to drop, -T-ra\«^u„

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the government directs medical education, and that no one is

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OBSTI'PUS (ob, and stipes, a stock, trunk of a tree). Stiff, awry.

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plants, and in order to distinguish tliem from the Ccllulares or Crypto-

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difficult to diagnose between fever and chest, or lung and heart

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ers, and Presidents of Societies, we shall be happy to recipro-


inpatients in CMHC’s 41-bed facility; most receive care

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OPOI'DIA GALBANIFE'RA. The name of the plant to which

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VASCULAR TISSUE {vascidum, a little vessel). The name of

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considerable dense, deep-red congested portion, exactly like,