2. Excitation of the vagus centre and the vagus cardiac
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as fissures of teats. Flexible collodion is less apt to crack.
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strychnine poisoning, but is inferior to chloral, bromides
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To all who understand plain language, said Prof. Huxley, the
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torating blood ill large quantities for ten days. She was reduced
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to resist the violent downward abdominal pressure accompanying
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occurred during that period. By some authors it has been stated that
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can. unassisted by art, in almost every case, successfully accomplish
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patient should be deprived of water to a considerable ex-
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they have so often ridicided, concentrate the labor of their committee
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which, as well as the adult males, do not dig any long burrows, but
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in ether, oils, and aqueous alkaline solutions. It con-
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Yours very respectfully, Ak Ex-Soctherx ApoTnECABY.
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and that it had died out without leaving any successors to continue
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At the autopsy the lungs were found to be extremely oidematous.
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ciation is called to lament the loss of a member whose large scientific attainments,
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study of medicine foithwith. It was the custom of country physi-
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The sounds of the heart were normal, ami heard a little lower and to
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will write after sweet spirit of nitre ad, underlined (to) ; in
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so that the angle of the blade sensed as a guide to regulate the depth to which it could enter.
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heat or cold, in swamp or fight, in liivouac or march — give me under
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rci i:^ that only papers of the greatest importance should be published
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cause subacute poisoning and death, in horses, within an
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remove the cause of irritation, as smegma preputii, acid
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Derivation. — Dissolve citric acid (50) in hot, distilled
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doning the whole ground, and is quite another matter; for mucus,
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: :<es. il. (Jui^^ier furthermore does not give the first place to the method
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tery ; those in hospitals, typhoid fever. I amputated, to-day, the
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copious deposit of lymph, from one fourth to three eighths of an
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for the same purposes. Aconitine is very expensive, how-
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ment of a shell, which struck him on the shoulder, over the scapula of
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7th. — About the same; rather weaker; several spots on abdo-
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The period of our duties extended to within three or four days of
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lating to medical jurisprudence. The general interest then evinced
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of the General Court. The only limit to the severity of the statutes
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unimportant. Immediately after the administration of large
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is as true of a limb as of a single muscle. The remedy, then, for
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and lateral borders of the tongue, greater as we approach the root of that organ."
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ment. A very few sporadic cases of scarlatina, rubeola, diphthe-
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or locally. It is thought that the general anaesthetics act
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obtained, the mortality of the whole population for the year 1860