the head. Of late massage, and especially methodical gymnastics, have shown
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if properly taken care of, usually get well of themselves. The favorable course
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patient is at rest. Cerebellar vertigo is very frequently combined with nys-
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Paralysis of the Pectoralis Major and Minor (Anterior Thoracic Nerves). —
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the base of the skull shortened, the face flattened, the cheek bones broad and
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nervous symptoms may also arise. For example, Hirt has described an affection
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pared for an ultimate change for the worse even in such cases.
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tioal Anatomy, two courses of six months; Theory and Fraetioe of
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other cases the condition terminates fatally in a comparatively short time —
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^ (b) Adheres to the inner shell membrane at each end of the egg.
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John WilUam Moore Miller, M.D. Aberdeen, Gloucester
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Uniybbsity of DuBHAM.^^Iandidates for a degree must be gra-
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and purpose of life insurance, the duties and essential qualifications of the examiner for