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of pus in abscess of bone. The term trephine denotes a kind of saw
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been obligingly drawn for me by our able demonstrator, Dr.
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You ask “Why you?" And you are right to ask. It is
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practice. It may not, therefore, be amiss for me to contribute
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are tainted with arsenic ; nay, more, even our vegetable food,
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A natural transition from agriculture was to architecture,
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Lasting change must have at its core a strong cadre of
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an operation which is performed early after the injury. The
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He’d told his boss he was going to be out for at least a
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Dr. Horwich and his colleagues are working on a way of
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aphtha It ,s always present in lactic acid, and is said bv Hall Lr ?o
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the first time in the medical history of our State, with a bounteous
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practical illustration of his views, he invited, as he himself
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tively injurious, by favoring the accession of typhoid symptoms
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readily detects the fallacious glare of the systems of the schools,
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^^strichie. A white crystalline fat, forming an ingredient of the
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The child was born with a single-gene enzyme defect
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Three weeks after confinement, a lady was attacked with
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a recumbent position for seven or eight weeks, owing to the
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OTORRHOE'A (hKs, u)to9, the ear, piiu, to flow). The designation
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operates a genetic consultation service for families who know
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Nausea and vomiting, or convulsions in the beginning of