hereditary transmission, and some of it is innate. Mind is no

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forth children ; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." — Gen. iii.

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rupture of a valve leaflet. This is unconunon and usually occurs

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Three office calls were made during the following year.

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sponding to the commencement of the decline in ordinary fer-

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But for this and other additional topics that might be sug-

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toms, so that she felt quite ill, as if she had eaten something

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Q^anium. — ^The white substance of the brain contained many

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in a less degree. In the precisely corresponding part of the eye, on

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headaches. When eye sjTnptoms develop or when the oph-

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formed a cavity, the remedy must be placed in the midst of it, in

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3 At Seville^ the acme was not till the third week in October.

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have suffered from the prevalent fever. These men, beyond all other

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tions, and small fistulous openings form. The constitution now par-

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from this centre. In the province of Mato Oroso, in Brazil, it

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to Dr. Stiebel's opinions (see ' Wochenschrift f. d. Gesamm. Heilk,'

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The Significance of Indications of Poor Function in the

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" Ships employed on river service," remarks the surgeon of the

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tween the muscles, never, according to my experience in the muscles

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and said unto the serpent, (Gen. iii. 14,) "Because thou hast done this," &c. But

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murmur. A diastolic murmur of different pitch was heard along

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piness ; and from looking thereon they may be led to flee from transgression to the

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and was not told that the agent injected was different.

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returns to the surface, the weight in the head is relieved, and every function is-

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The Climatology of the Winter Stations of the South of France,

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Strasburg has been equally unsuccessful with Mr. Bryant, and

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whom the coronary arteries are encroached upon. The symp-