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immediate state is a vascular determination to the slandules, together
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of food remains the following morning. Occult blood is present in the
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spleen has varied from a few hours to two or three days. In
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ble. The bowels were moved with difficulty after repealed purgatives and
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cases in which no reduction in the size of the tumor can be obtained.
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irritation to the integument from the friction. In inflammation at-
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way will average 60 to 65 per cent., showing the amount of drug
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On opening the thorax, the pericardium was seen greatly distend-
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Histogenic Theory. This theory that hemoglobin or bile pig-
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The term "urobilin" is not applied to a single body but to a
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are precisely those which least require graphic illustration on an extensive
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upon the seat of many diseases. Is the reaction locall It is sufficient that we as-
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mechanical, chemical, and physical agents. 3. Mortification from the deleteri-
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the blood is poured out on the surface of the brain, and the most common is
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substratum upon which a nosologic genus is to be erected. As I have elsewhere
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Hahnemann's Homoeopathic Medicine, with particular reference to Dr. Constan-
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However, in the reports from others mentioned in this paper,
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was complete loss of sensation from the middle of the thigh to the toes; the
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the upper first closed; and in the year ISlli, when she was G3 years of age, her
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presents the following points of interest. The colour suffered no
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exist without elevation of temperature. In some persons there is
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Patients coming under observation with non-hyperplastic toxic
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dilute sulphuric acid to make the mixture distinctly acid. For one
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Had the ligature been allowed to remain, it might have proved so severe as to
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ceased, but the nausea and tenesmus continue; great thirst, but avoids drinks
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The patient complained of lancinating pains in tliat part, but was overjoyed at
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consistence. On the day after the operation the red cell count was
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during the first period was absorbed by the blood stream from the
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early in the history is that of a toxin acting directly on the more
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inside of the bronchus. When one bronchus was partially occluded
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German citation, an essential difference between the writers.
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period of four months when suddenly he was seized with chills and
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in a child, aged seven months; reaction resembled paretic dementia. The infant
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It Is not our intention on the present occasion to offer any thing farther than
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markable circumstance: — When the patient attempts to move, he often feels a
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