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Prize Essays; and Committee on American Medical Necrology.

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Madame La Mars, fourteenth daughter, born with seven cauls on her face. She


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and thereafter in the transit camp, Mechelen, also in Belgium.

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"^SWEATING POINT. The state of the skin which is favourable to

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termed entero-mese7iterite. It is synonymous with marasmus.

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have discussed pretty fully the subject of diseases of the joints.

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Entertaining these convictions, I need hardly say that the

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Period of Eruption and Development (Efflorescence). — Symptoms

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RABDO'IDAL (pa'/?5o9, a rod, eWos, likeness). Rhabdoidal. Rod-

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In bringing my editorial labors to a close, I desire to record my

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13 (1887). — Hlava: "Vysnam nnikroorganisme pri varioli." Prag, 1887. — Garr6:

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shafts of the long bones were always rapidly followed by

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tending only to the ultimate state of the eruption. The derivation of

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flat, and hard, resembling carbuncles. One of them healed

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Maurice J. Mahoney, professor of human genetics, pediatrics

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A boy using a bath in which a diphtheritic patient had been

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ence of a micro-organism of variola as the cause of the disease had

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efficient as quinine. They were very useful in cases where quinine

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citizen— a man. He identified himself with the improvements and

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associate professor of surgery. The division’s surgeons

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The School of Medicine’s ongoing cooperation with HHC

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mother to go into medicine. He said she should be a piano

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Ruisell, Editor; Jackie Caudle, Assistant-editor. Contributors are

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deal more than simply examining a few cells on a slide.