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The adolescent clinic acts as an advocate for teen-agers, a

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§ 5. A physician ought not to abandon a patient because the

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SUGILLA'TION (sugillo, to discolour the skin by a blow). Ek-

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6. Orlho-tropous (tpeVw, to turn). A term applied by Mirbel

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the crystalline humor). A term employed by Celsus, &c., to denote

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A recent case, however, contradicts this view. A woman

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Accidental Deaths from Poisons. — Cases are recorded in the

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Babbage's Table of the Logarithms have been printed on the

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Dowling, Harr)' F. Fighting Infection: Conquests of

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Dr. J. J. Morgan expresses a great predilection for a satu-

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