supply and called attention to the fact that the price had in one week
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mittee in the Missouri State Medical Association, and
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or in a disinfectant solution. For this purpose disinfecting tanks are
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complaint had been slight dizziness on climbing stairs.
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up the back side (^ the gullet from the stomach upwards, and when we
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Section Just Behind the Posterior Corpora Quadngemina A ^rvy
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periosteal new-formation of bone, deposited in lines perpendicu-
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resembles normal bone in aU respects and that, while it does not show
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provided they pass a reterinary Inspection by an inspector of the Bureau of Animal
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..■1^,m: / -i.!:,,:, 1-.. ,i:li. II. \ I iri. u -r'!-"" I"i"
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trol environment — the housekeeping of the plant —
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Under a higher magnification occasional nuclei suggesting mitoses
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members of those societies have served as trustees and advisors. We shall con-
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chart should bear the author’s name on the back and
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the captions of " Chicago " and " The Chicago Stock Yards," J)y its special sanitary
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the towns and surrounding country were studied. Ample notes of
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health officers in the various States and cities, greatly increased dur-
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and St. Louis Railroad; District Surgeon, Louisville
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bly, an entire day’s schedule of administrations may be carried out without
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boundary of Merced "County, and the western, southern, and eastern boundaries of those
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denal diverticulum either penetrated or lay against
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country have been studied by the Division of Zoology, and a circular
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from these has seemed to he furnished hy the fact that after tliey
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oratory — covers every phase of the use of Pentothal
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solid food. The inability to swallow liquids while the ability to
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carcasses are shipped by the farmer or his agent. The carcasses of animals slaughtered
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supirieur. Ouverture du bout inf6rieur dans la conduit
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XXI. Urinn lysis in Gynecology. By W. W. Russell, M. D.
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Ill tli.'ir liist.ilo-i.- still. •imv an.l . niln-\ ..L.ui.' .l.Tivali..... Hi.' 1""
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(•omi)lete fasting or when caibobydrafes ;ire entirely withheld from the
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ter case the jircssor substance will iieulrali/.e the depressor effect of tin
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No. 223. Bom April 26, 1906 ; killed September 14, 1906. Twisted Btomach
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coin etsiiiM heiiiir so ia|iid that. li\ the time the lihiod has traveled from