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with the Publishing Committee, and they ought to be expected to
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passes into the trachea ; and from this fact we easily under-
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with the charge of the court to the jury, that it made an impression
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ment that the introduction into the stomach of something hot, of
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feasibility of raising the former by the finger passed into the
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every physician owes alike to his profession and to bis patients. It
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nal orifice; but I have met with some consumptive subjects in
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Br. EIedzib thinks the calomel depressing. Many infants have
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constantly. An occasional teddy bear appears in an isolette,
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their minds. It is said, he was a close observer of nature in all her
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should be used, on account of their depressing effects. (Woo-
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to justify exploitation of any group by any other—it was
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On motion of Dr. Davis the vote by which the report of the
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a numerous priesthood, of the highest caste in the community,
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slits. M. Busch thinks that the fluid in which these substances
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on the other hand, though not constantly, yet very frequently, is dis-
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notch. It was circular and rough for three-fourths of its cir-
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sician to hold a patent for any surgical instrument or medicine; or
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reaction, and the body soon regains its temperature. £sow, if
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arise in children from the diffiise swelling of the respiratory mucous
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posed upon the Nominating Committee of this Association by
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plea of want of success or large mortality resulting."
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with shreds of lymph over various points; but especially over the
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their views and the old idea that animals mav Lave arisen
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get the periosteum detached with so little dif&culty. Almost
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vulsions, and never lost a case. Powers & Weightman's preferred.