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PA'RVOLINE.i An organic alkaloid found in Devonshire shale-tar.
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when they are peculiar to one malady, and to no other ; therapeutic,
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Yale’s department of human genetics will be an active
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physician unless you know how to look at the skin,” Dr.
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TAILING OF MERCURY. An expressive term for the peculiar
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forth upon the light and loveliness of the New Jerusalem.
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The scheme here proposed for the improvement of medical edu-
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PE'RKINISM. A mode of treatment introduced V J^f f'^'"/' °^
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PARACYA'JSrOGEN. A black, coaly matter, obtained by decom-
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After an examination of that Essay, a majority of the Committee
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treatment uses extracorporeal ultraviolet radiation, coupled
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pentose shunt, fatty acid synthesis, cholesterol syn-
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