wounds during the first eight months of 1988. A child is safer
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began a program in which volunteers act as interpreters for Spanish-speaking patients.
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three years. This brings the full-time faculty to a total of 20
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antacid and tonic to the alimentary system in dyspepsia, with-
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gone- — let the knife remain." And there, for aught I know,
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spots when united with the symptoms of fever, constituted
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of his intellect and observation at these reunions of the pro-
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plied on several occasions, with the happy result of causing
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verrucosnm is a term applied by Dr. McCall Anderson to a supposed
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there was a large abscess, beginning in the sulcus below the
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consultation with the practitioner previously employed.
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The next week at the hospital, the record librarian
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called by different names being but different forms of it, for
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1. jPasrio/a /ic/jfrfiCH, also called Distoma hcpaticum, or the Fluke;
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The usual behavior of a suppurative fever in variola vera is indi-
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their selection, these requisites should be kept steadily in view to
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VEGETARIAN. An advocate of the doctrine that the mental
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of the corresponding muscles and exert a disturbing influence not only
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Dr. J. H. Helm, of Ind., reported a case where the patient lost
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with greater length, and looked in vain for what we conceived
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mean ? Does it imply that there is always a deposit of tuber-
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of the old, narrow road; we see it in the professorships, too often
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tallization, the oxalate of ammonia formed being '"l'^'' f
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8. The penultimate segment of the skull above described is called
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vidual cases the following peculiarities may be noted : The same rule
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viding the means therefor by a license fee of $20 to $50, as
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the fistula," added he, " is ever found beyond the reach of the
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plies of the deficient elements aftbrd a fair hope of averting the
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A Treatise on Diseases of the Nervous System. By William A. Hammond,
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Cornell Scott, M.P.H. '68: “...putting community and University support to work in a meaningful way.”
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its discharge. These obligations are the more deep and enduring,
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for a few years a slight increase in the mortality from that disease;
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in Physical Diagnosis who shuttled us from classroom to
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stance dissolved is called the solvend. See Saturation.