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Langer, perhaps he has violated many of the strict rules of

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any relation to hospital gangrene. Until further investigation, it remains

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tinguished from that of the Canella alha, or the false Winter's Bark,

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sion, resulting in the formation of firm and thick false mem-

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the anatomy of all regions and parts, and by careful post-mortem

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mon sense, they fall an easy prey to every new doctrine, or

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most amenable to balloon dilation, with a restenosis rate of

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and slight general spasms when touched or excited. I ordered

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own inadequacies, the individual with this personality style

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— to inquire, in an impartial spirit, into their character, their

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seen cases where it was more or less cancerous in its character.

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Medica and Therapeutics, a Professor of Anatomy and

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PARA- (Trapd). A Greek preposition, signifying ihroup/i, near

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which I have failed to cure by means of this operation ; and

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URIC ACID (oijjooi/, urine). Litldc arid. A common constituent

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moral harmony which should ever subsist between a man and

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don my negligence in not forwarding it before. I have been

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ORGANIZATION. A term applied to a system, composed of

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of the physician, considered as an enlightened, honest, and

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Antumnal Catarrh (Hay Fever), with Three Maps. By Morrill Wyman, M.D.,

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3 Varicella globularis (Willan). Hives. Vesicles larger than in

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Montefiore residents apply their new skills at various

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2. Steel-miaiure. The Mistura Fern composita of the pharmaco-

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adheres most tenaciously, and is not easily detached ; that the

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alone had a real existence in nature. Whether the views I

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air, which tends to enter the larynx, and would be lifted up by