The President elect, Thos. M. Logan, M.D., of California, now
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exciting new treatment for advanced cutaneous T-cell
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eyes rested as we carelessly danced at the general arrangement
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to call the attention of the profession to some views that undoubt-
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child poverty, between now and the year 2000, all of the
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of bearing almost any amount of depletion and starvation.
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and increase somewhat in breadth, so that in twenty-four hours they are
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When new editions of a work are demanded by the medical
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uIse" or '* pustuliB "), by which its identity with smallpox is sufficiently
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and the eyes in a great measure hidden. He had an anxious
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of ability, interest or ambition,” the report submits.
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brought from Roccha, formerly called Edessa, in Syria. That which is
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the funds on hand for further operations, and the probable amount
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Osmic acid. The volatile oxide of osmium, of an extremely acid and
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16. Ost-hexia (tf ,s, a habit). Ossific diathesis ; an affection in which
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interview of Dr. Langner by Leah D'Eugenio, staff assistant
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Only the briefest abstract of the results of the investigations of Van
of ammonia, Peruvian bark, but especially the tinctures of
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sion is greatly above what it was twenty-five years ago, when (as
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been the surgeon instead of retractor holder, fourth
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PE'LVIS RENA'LIS. The renal liasin ; a membranous, basin-like
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physician in the morning, before his usual hour of going out ; for,
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20-fold doxorubicin and 100-fold colchicine resistance in an
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condition of each. Time will not permit me to dwell longer on
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the ehthyma and exormia of the Greeks. Mason Good s derivation ot
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Treatment. — I put him upon cod-liver oil, Siii per day, in
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tribute of respect. The Medical Society of Little Rock, in their
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nize them, occurring in obedience to some rule or law. I do not
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only one single source and place, as compared with the multitude
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SPO'NGIA OFFICINA'LIS. Officinal Sponge; a porous sub-
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appointment for one year, and until another is elected to succeed
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the District Medical Society of that county, and a very efficient